Technical Help Guide

Occasionally some members have technical issues with watching videos or using this website. We have put together some information below that you should read before contacting us. Hopefully this will help resolve the problem.

If you are experiencing problems watching the videos on this site it is recommended that you follow the guidance below. If, after trying these techniques, and you still cannot watch the videos please contact us immediately so that we can try to help you.

We have thoroughly tested the website and all the videos. We have lots of active students watching the videos everyday without issue. If you are having a problem it is very likely to be an issue with either your PC or device or (and in most cases) your internet connection. Saying that, sometimes we do make mistakes and you might find a video that doesn’t play. Just let us know…

Identify what the problem is

Is the video stopping and starting / buffering?
Are you getting funny colours / garbled images during playback?
Do you have sound but no video?
Is the problem not related to the videos?

The most common issue we hear from students is that the videos stop and start. This is usually because of a slow internet connection or not enough bandwidth to stream the video content. The only thing we can advise is to let the video buffer (load) fully and then play it. You should see a white progress bar at the bottom of the video. If you want to check to see if the internet connection is the issue, either try viewing the videos from another location such as your office or a friend’s house. Our videos are high quality as we want you to see all the details. We don’t currently provide lower quality versions like you expect on YouTube as we offer a quality service.

If you find that your internet connection is the issue then you should contact your broadband provider and see if they can help you.

If you are getting scrambled video or funny colours. This might be due to some software that needs upgrading on your computer or device. Make sure you have updated your computer recently. It might be the version of Flash player you have installed. Its always a good idea to make sure your computer is regularly upgraded anyway. Try this, restart and watch a video again…

If you’ve tried the above and still are having problems. Try viewing the videos on a different computer or device. If it works on there then we know the issue is with your computer. If the problem persists, get in touch.